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Panel label


Erbağ Elektronik® produces special panel labels with the highest quality and longest life, resistant to the harshest environments.

Membran Switch

What is a "panel label"?

It is a new type of front interface that integrates basic functions, instrument components and front panels.

The graphic overlay is made of PET / PC film materials and different adhesive materials using screen printing technology to integrate graphics, text and logos.

It has certain functionality and functionality for household appliances, communication equipment, Instrumentation, industrial control and other fields.

The graphic overlay integrates functional text, signs, trademarks, transparent windows and display. The design of the graphic overlay can reflect the integration of unique product functions and original color ideas. Fine Graphic coating is widely used in smart electronic measuring devices, medical equipment, computer control, CNC machine tools, communication terminal equipment, various industrial fields. and household appliance products (copiers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, electric fans, washing machines, electronic game machines, etc.).

Aesthetic look

We offer custom designs and colors for your needs

Pressure Feeling on Keys

Sensitive Touch, High Quality

Easy to use

Original 3M adhesive is easy to open and remove

Stable Quality

Ensures the Quality of Production Batches

High reliability

Panel labels have a life span of up to 2 million presses under appropriate usage conditions.

Long life

Depending on use, the usage period can be more than five years

Low cost

Erbağ Elektronik offers low cost and high quality

Small Volume and Light

Total thickness is only about 1.2mm

Fast delivery

24-48 hours Extra Fast Delivery Option

Graphics Overlay

The coating is the top layer of a panel label and is the interface between the user and the machine. Two of the most important issues to consider in graphic coatings are durability and environmental concerns. Graphic coatings can be made from polycarbonate, polyester or acrylic and the material you choose will depend on the desired level of durability and whether it needs to be protected from scratches, chemical abrasions, extreme temperatures or operation. For good tactile feedback on a switch, choose a coating thickness between .006 and .010. This series will offer the durability to meet your requirements, with the sensitivity to provide a quality tactile effect.


Adhesive tapes are important in panel labels; membrane combines with graphic overlay and connects the entire assembly to your product. There are many differences in adhesives; Choosing the appropriate adhesive for the application requires consideration of environmental, surface, appearance and other performance requirements.


There are three basic relief styles; cushion, edge and multi-dome. Depending on the shape and size, logos and multi-level shapes can be embossed. Buttons can also be embossed for additional tactile identification.

Circle Embossed
Plain Embossed
Edge Embossed
Key Shape Embossed
Plain (Non-Embossed)


Circuits can be printed using silver conductive ink or printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Surface Mount Components

Membrane switches can be designed with almost any SMT component embedded, resistors, light sensors, and any low surface mount components if required.


Appropriate shielding is required to meet ESD, EMI, or RFI requirements.

Touch and Non-Tactile

Membrane switches can be designed to be touch or non-tactile to meet desired product requirements.

Environmental considerations

Panel labels must be reliable for years when used daily or even hourly. This requires active and purposeful design for lifetime operation.

The balance between visual and tactile qualities and the need for sustained durability can be a significant challenge, especially when used in conjunction with budgetary constraints that are always present. By working with experienced membrane key designers and manufacturers, engineers can leverage this supply chain expertise to optimize components to meet this requirement.

By using polyester materials for the top layer graphic coating, you can maximize environmental durability and chemical resistance. However, the dimensional stability of polyester also makes it difficult to shape, so visual embellishments such as raised buttons and embossing can be difficult to apply.

Due to the many harsh environment applications, membrane switches must be able to withstand the environment they are in. Dirt, dust, moisture and chemical cleaners are all damaging.

Polyester is better, so many manufacturers prefer blended materials. Polyester can help engineers address visual and environmental requirements of various sizes.

Depending on the application, panel labels can be exposed to adverse weather conditions. In these situations, protecting and protecting internal components from moisture becomes essential.

Various options are available (3M HV tapes, custom design solid gaskets, etc.) that allow engineers to design interface assemblies that meet different environmental standards. For example, panel markers can be developed to meet IP sealing standards.

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