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Membrane Switch Design Procedures


Detailed Description


Metal Dome Dome Size
8,4 10,12,14,16mm
10mm or 12mm is recommendation
Die-Pressing Key Size
5 ~ 11 mm
Recommend size 8-10m
Tail or Cable Contact Spacing
1.0 / 1.27 / 2.54mm (For special requests, please contact by e-mail)
LED Colors
3M Adhesive Type - 5 types
① 3M55236 (0,12 mm)② 3M9448A ( 0,15 mm)③ 3M467 ( 0,05 mm)④ 3M468 (0,13 mm)⑤ 3M300LSE ( 0,17 mm )
ESD Type (Electrostatic Shield Layer)

A.ESD Separate Tail

B.ESD tail can be combined into cable connector. (Use common GND line)

C.ESD tail can be combined to cable connector. (Do not use the common GND line)

Embossed Key Height and Type
0,3-0,8 mm
Circle Embossed / Flat Embossed Key / Edge Embossed Key Shape Embossed / Flat Key (Non-Embossed)
Material Surface Type

PC : 0.175 / 0.25 / 0.38 / 0.5 / 0.8 / 1.0mm

PET : 0,125 / 0,188 / 0,2 mm

Panel Structure and Thickness

3-8 layers
(other special, please contact

Common membrane switch: 6 layers (0.9-1.4mm)
Graphic design borders

min. Line width: 0.2 mm, suggests ≥ 0.3 mm
min. Row spacing: 0.3mm, suggest ≥ 0.5mm

White and White Transparent
White pattern and white translucent window
It needs to take 2 colors.
Outline Tolerance
Die cutting tolerance +/- 0.2 mm , Laser cutting tolerance +/- 0.3 mm
Supported color scales
Max. Number of fields Panel Size
800 * 400 mm (For your designs exceeding this size, please contact us by sending an e-mail to

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