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Screen Printing


Silk screen printing is the process of pressing ink from a screened mesh screen to create a printed design. This is a popular technique used in many different industries, so even if you've never heard of the term before, you've probably used a screen-printed product at some point without even realizing it. The process is sometimes referred to as screen printing or screen printing, but all of these names refer to the same basic method.

Why Serigraphy?

One of the reasons why the screen printing technique is so widely used is that it produces vibrant colors and crystal clear prints. It allows more intense coloring than can be achieved with digital printing.

The biggest advantage of screen printing is that the pantone colors of your design are matched, the white coating on dark colors is perfect.

There are many possibilities for screen printing, almost any design is possible. But it will be difficult if the design has too many details. Also, when the design has gradients, it is not possible to screen print. In this case, we offer you the possibility of spot color separation.

Sample printing surfaces

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